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Hello everyone. My website is dedicated to homebrewing Mead and Wine. The NorthWest area of Missouri has lots of resources, as does all of Missouri for homebrewing. I will start posting pictures, links and other info concerning these topics.

Homebrewing is a enjoyable experience that requires a few tools of the trade and patients. The process can be as complicated as you want to make it or as simple as purchasing a per-made kit with everything you need with directions. The point is to make a drink that you enjoy and have some fun doing it. Not to mention you'll save a lot of money if you drink wine on a regular basis. I get from 24 to 28 bottles per 5 gallon batches. Cheap Mead is about $20.00 a bottle and goes up from there if you can find it. My last batch cost around $100.00 for 26 bottles. Find a homebrew store in your area and ask questions. Your on the net and there is tons of info on the subject. Join a brewing forum and the members are more than willing to help you. This is something you can do!

Take the chance, expand your skills and you will be rewarded with a wonderous drink that you can be proud of. I would suggest to anyone to try Mead. Go to a Renaissance Festival buy a cup and sip. It will most likely be a sweeter variety but it does have a kick. This is the reason I started brewing!

Mead is a fermented drink made of Honey, Water and Yeast in it's most basic form. Although there are several different types of mead known by different names based on the ingredients. See the Mead page for more information.

Wine is any fermented drink made from fruit. Many would argue this point as only grapes produce wine. I cannot conceed this and feel the fermentation process is the same with grapes as it is with apples. To futhure this I will not be revolving anything on this site around grapes. See the Wine page for more information.

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